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    A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

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    “We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

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Our Latest Projects.

A sneak pick into our Portfolio - UGANDA GIFTED.


Our goal is to design and produce insightful multimedia communication content for various clients with the aim of creating awareness of their products and services and also facilitating them to make informed decisions.

Our products and services in agriculture, environment, health, human rights, livelihoods and the business sectors speak to the current needs of our clients in a way that’s easily comprehended by the target recipients.


We contribute towards the improvement of communication in the agricultural sector across the agricultural value chain through design of projects which seek to generate audio visual production content which is disseminated through its partners.


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Diseases and ailments are some of the many challenges that affect many communities in which we live. These are mainly born out of cultural practices and behavior traits of different communities. As a communications hub, we strive to understand, design and communicate information to the targeted audience in a positive and acceptable way.

Poverty alleviation.

Poverty greatly affects youth and women in many rural communities and this deprives them of a voice and status in society. As advocates for economic equality and emancipation of youth and women, we shine a light on the need to afford everyone an opportunity to participate in a productive and gainful form of livelihood.

Human rights.

In order to risk, explore and innovate, minds must express themselves with a large degree of freedom. Since human rights guarantee this freedom, we are guided by the creed that this great value and virtue is indivisible to all of mankind.


Environment and climate related issues have become a pertinent and integral aspect of our lives as they have a direct effect on the livelihoods and general wellbeing of the communities in which we live.
We therefore pride ourselves in the design and production of audio visual communication content aimed at enhancing environmental and climate change awareness to targeted audiences.


A fast growing sector of which we are proud to engage through design and production of print and audio visual content aimed at promoting and enhancing tourism in the region.

Business entities.

Arco iris designs and produces marketing content for small medium enterprises in a bid to market their products and services. Our role and involvement in SME development is to not only produce audio visual content for marketing but also to nurture young businesses into future brands touching their various communities and markets.

Who Are We.

A multimedia communications hub that helps businesses and
organizations use insights to invigorate theirProducts and services.


Building and Sharing knowledge is key to Arco iris, so through our business strategy we provide protégées pursuing courses in art and communications with a platform to engage and participate in our creative processes and execution. This helps to equip them with workplace knowledge, demands and prepares them for the rigors of creative and critical thinking.


“To be the preferred service provider in the design and
production of multimedia content.”

Arco iris portfolio is brand, media, production.


Our understanding of the importance of building a relationship between business, services and consumers informs our decision to be at the forefront of brand building. We help Build brand equity through creating audio visual content relayed to the targeted audience with experiential possibilities and effective media and Production.


We further enhance our client’s messages through all forms of media be it traditional radio, TV, print and the current social media platforms.


Our knowledge and experience in scripting, directing, photography, videography and sound production gives us a great understanding in delivering the right and most desired material to our customers.


Meet Our Team.


Agency Director

Samuel is a results oriented focused, analytical professional with strong information science, knowledge management educational background complemented by work experience involved in field research and evaluation projects. He has profound ability to balance creative thinking with logical ideas; enjoy opportunities to develop solutions that address challenging research and creative problems. Samuel also works effectively in both self-managed and team based projects while maintaining high ethical and quality standards, professional demeanor and cooperative attitude. He also has a knack to use hands-on, detailed-oriented approach in completing projects and assignments.


Creative & Business Director

Has a friendly outgoing, dedicated personality that always desires to explore creative thinking and idea execution in even complex environments. His passion in free insight gathering drives his creative flow of ideas especially in the fields of business development, marketing and communication. He has gained a wealth of experience in creating smart ideas for support of small and medium sized businesses to even large size complex social economic projects. He has great team work and drive.


Brand Development Consultant

Passionate, information centric and explorer best defines her. A holder of a development studies degree, she has a given experience in managing local and international projects, allowing her creative drive and team leader abilities to take charge naturally. She has a calm approach to life and handles herself and work with ease.

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